15 15 Green and OR Time Outs

I found myself re-playing the time outs that I do on a daily basis, sometimes 10+ times/day depending on the number of surgeries we have booked.  At what point does the checklist turn into more of a “checkout” time for the people in the OR?  I know many people aren’t actively listening as I recite word for word the same information about the large majority of our patients with the only variation maybe being their name and/or an extra allergy.  Yes, there is some variation and necessity to doing these time outs prior to operating, but at some point, you start to assume and perceive things as the same in many cases, when they each have their own variation.  I am starting to brainstorm ways of possibly adding variation or creating more of a interactive “time out” where it’s not just a recitation of checks to more of a interactive, engaging, important event for all involved.