This morning, our group set out on a short hike up a mountain to a beautiful waterfall. On the way up, it started to rain, and the rain only became heavier throughout the morning. It began to get colder, the sleeves of my jacket were soaked, and my fingers and toes were going numb. We had to hike over running streams and over stubborn, slippery snow. But as we reached the top, we were having a great time. The waterfall itself was adding to the downpour, and I could barely see the others, as the water was running into my eyes. If anyone had described this scene to me prior to this hike, I would say that sounds miserable. But the experience was incredibly freeing, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as invigorated. We started back down the mountain, and sure, the bottom could not come soon enough. We were soaked and cold and our joints were hurting. But we bonded anyway, and I started to realize we were building some pretty awesome friendships here. That hike – although it doesn’t sound glamorous – was good for my soul.

This program has been good for my soul in other ways too. The feeling of “YES!” I get when a session really hits a point home for me has happened several times a day.

Tonight, many of us gathered in the room I’ve been staying in and spent our last night in Telluride together. I thought back on the past three days and the people I’ve gotten to know and the things they’ve taught me. These are my people. I have found my tribe.