This week has been so incredible.  I got to be in an amazing place with some amazing people and leaders, and know that I will leave with allies in changing the culture around patient safety.  When I reflect back, on some of our sessions there are small snipets of a much larger picture that really struck a cord with me, and I would love to share some of those below.

– We can’t be superficial around safety

– Follow your true North

– The best way to starve  a dog is to tell 2 people to feed it

– People think in their native tongue

– Quality and safety aren’t the same thing, and safety must be the bedrock

– Purposeful presence

– Mindfulness without action is stasis

– We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us

– Solving their problem is part of your problem

– Always realize/question the assumptions that you bring to any situation

– Physicians must get better at leading teams, not their own galaxies

– No outcome, No income

– Patient safety can’t be a priority, it must be a core value

-The most dangerous phrase in medicine: “this is how I have always done it”

– Be a HeRO (high reliability oganization)