2012 Telluride Patient Safety Educational Roundtable Gearing Up

The first of three weeks of Patient Safety Education for medical students and residents kicks off in Telluride, CO with the Resident Patient Safety Summer Camp, Monday, June 11th at the Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC). If you are a speaker or student and have not yet registered, use this link to take you to the TSRC home page.

In its 8th year, the Summer Camp has expanded its reach and will train 60 future patient safety leaders in 2012 thanks to the generous support of The Doctors Company. And this year’s cast of patient safety leaders once again promises to provide top notch leadership from those creating meaningful change in health care ! Paul Levy, former President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess, patient advocate, health care social media leader and blogger at Not Running A Hospital, will open the week along with David Mayer MD, founder of the Telluride Summer Camps, and VP of Quality & Safety at MedStar Health System in Washington DC/Maryland who will discuss the educational documentary film series, From Tears to Transparency and lead lively discussions around the value of open, honest communication in health care.

At the end of this first week residents, will be able to:

  1. Give an in-depth presentation based on reasons why open, honest and effective communication between caregivers and patients is critical to patient safety and reducing risk in healthcare.
  2. Apply tools and strategies learned to lead change around reducing patient harm at their own institutions.
  3. Implement, lead and complete a Safety/QI project at their home institution over the coming year.

Alumni, speakers, students, patients, providers along with anyone trying to improve health care, are welcome to join the discussion on Twitter at #TPSER8 starting June 11th, and on the Transparent Health blog throughout the month of June!