Even after a week to reflect, I find it hard to put my experience in Napa into words. It was said that a reflection is a systematic way to describe, examine, and reconsider situations from multiple viewpoints. But, I find it hard to systematically describe or examine because what was most powerful to me was the multiple viewpoints brought to Napa by the group of friends I found and those that the Telluride Experience drew out of me personally. So, in the days to come, I will try to delve deeper into the topics we covered, the lessons I learned, and the amazing week that I had. For now I will say this:


The week was a rollercoaster. I walked in a starry eyed med student, idealistic, so confident in the virtue of medicine and hospitals, believing that if you do what you know is right everything works out. Like I said, idealistic. It felt as if my colleagues, residents and nurses with actual experience, felt just the opposite. It felt like they knew something I didn’t, which they do, because they have actual experience working in the health care system. We met somewhere in the middle, confronted by reality. Ultimately I walked away hopeful and inspired, but not just because of the lessons we learned and the success stories we heard. What was most inspiring was watching those same residents and nurses, the friends I want to be like some day, returning to their hospitals feeling empowered to make a difference.

More to come