AELPS Day 1 Reflection

Today was exhausting!

We had a PACKED day (preceded by a really great breakfast) in which we discussed the terrible case of Lewis Blackman. We dissected what went wrong and how it could have been avoided. We applied many of the “issues” of the case to our own practice and our lives in general. I came away with a feeling of hope that in discussing such cases, we can prevent them. Who knows how many similar cases have been prevented already just by the mere discussion of medical error prevention?

He then discussed transparency reporting by Laura Lee and I was introduced to the idea of categorizing medical errors ranging from intentional harm to smaller systemic issues the need to be addressed. Christopher Bonk discussed health IT and how it can be both a blessing and a curse. We discussed optimizing EHR systems and quality improvement measures used to do so. The teeter totter activity was a fun experience that highlighted the value of teamwork and having one single leader dictate best practice. We reflected on a painting in the women’s room, which was an unexpected turn of events. Carol did a really nice job discussing the role of perspective in our lives and how it applies to medicine.

Very successful day 1, very much looking forward to tomorrow.