AELPS DAY 1 reflections

Today was one of the most thought provoking days I’ve had all year. The entire day was filled with aha moments and I want to bottle it all up and bring it back to my institution. I was surprised to learn that self reflection is only helpful when followed by thoughtful action.  Everything I learn here is only helpful if I can somehow institute change at my institution. And it’s hard to changes things , but I believe this summer camp really is providing all the tools to do so. The Lewis Blackman movie itself is so moving, and speaks volumes of the gaps in our system. No one person can be blamed for the disregard to the tachycardia and pain that surpassed 24 hours, and the repeated pleas from Helen that were ignored. 40-80K deaths per year are due to misdiagnosis. This is why anchoring and confirmation bias are so harmful as physicians. We should never prematurely close in on a diagnosis and provide reassurance unless we are absolutely sure. It provides a false sense of comfort for both the physician and the family which can lead to more problems and medical harm.  That is why it should always be a working diagnosis of what it likely is , and what it could be , especially the worse case scenarios. It is important to look at all the data and not just the data that is reassuring and confirms what we would like it to. It is a patient safety concern when we lose scope of our diagnosis skills and ignore data that conflicts with a straightforward diagnosis.