Despite the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) wake-up call in 1999, tens of thousands of patients still die unnecessarily, and a hundred of thousand are injured by medical mistakes.
Cultural change in the healthcare industry that mirrors the success seen in aviation is a practical way of making healthcare delivery safe.
The influence of FIRST follower is as important as that of a visionary and effective leader. The courage to be the first supporter of a change movement is the catalyst that perpetuates and drives change movement in the desired direction.
We do not learn from experience but from reflecting on our experiences. Reflective practice and mindful engagement lead to professional maturity.
A true narrative of a sentinel event resulting in the death of a 15-year-old was played. In this video, the 3 tiers of error-producing tendencies leading to the breakdown of patient safety wall were seen: PERCEPTION, ASSUMPTION, and COMMUNICATION.
The value of operating as a team was tested in a see-saw game. I enjoyed this game, and I got invaluable feedback on how to function effectively as a leader.
The day was wrapped up in an explosive HAPPY HOUR with a complimentary all-teams dinner outing. It was a terrific first day.