Always Be Mindful: Did I do this RIGHT?

Telluride Experience Day 1

The Mind is a powerful thing and you can see things that do not exist.

Do I see a child or an elderly’s face? Do I see those gray circles? Is it a horse or a frog? Since when do I  STOP at a green light?

It isn’t about the task Marvi; it is about patient safety.

From now on: it is isn’t about how many patients I can see in a 12 hour shift? It isn’t how fast I can finish that central line, that chest tube or that reduction? Again it is about safety: did I do the time out appropriately, did I complete the central line check list, did I double check the medication dose before procedural sedation? Is the patient appropriately informed about the procedure? Honestly my focus was elsewhere. I wanted to be a procedure monster and though I have not had an adverse event, I am following a path/system that has potential for so much mistakes and errors.