Five minutes into my stroll down the paved trail surrounded by the beautiful scenery and surreal backdrop of the magestic snow-topped mountains, I find myself breathless… literally. I’m have exertional substernal chest pain radiating to my carotids, 7.75/10 in severity, relieved only with rest. At the tender age of 28, am I really having stable angina?
It was a perfect storm: 10,000 feet above sea level, and a naiive kid from Southern California living off of a steady diet of daily tater tots and breakfast burritos. As I huff and puff my way around, only one word pops into my head: BIOTA (Blame It On The Altitude).
The first full day has been full of surprises and heartfelt fellowship. From Helen’s inspiring and brave testimony to balancing on a plank to avoid killing children patient eggs, there were learning moments in every corner. To mingle with such motivated and passionate healthcare workers from all levels of training has already been transformative, and I can’t wait for what other lessons the week will bring.