Bringing It All Back Home

Admittedly, I was not so good about posting to the blog during my week in Telluride.  I did do quite a bit of tweeting, which I found to be a lot more fun than I expected.  But I have spent a lot of time over the past week pondering much of what I learned.  June has been a month of intense transition for me as I am completing my Internal Medicine training while beginning my Chief Residency.  In my program, the new Chief Residents begin at the very end of May so that we can get our feed wet before the new interns start.  I have said to many people, both in Telluride and now back at home, that after spending the past couple of months making schedules for next year and performing various other administrative tasks it was so refreshing to think about patients and how to deliver them high quality safe health care.  These two are not mutually exclusive.  It is near impossible to deliver the best patient care if your origination lacks proper administration.  Conversely, I think that even if you run a tight ship with maximal efficiency, if your organization lacks passion and clear purpose you still may miss your patient care goals.  Over the next few weeks and months, I think my biggest challenge will be learning to strike this balance.   I will continue to post as I learn how to achieve this balance so stay tuned.