Building a Cathedral

by Amy Abramowitz

– I love this perspective today.  It is so easy as a resident to get burnt out and to think of yourself as bricklayer or as building a wall.  However, there are moments that bring you back to the big picture and remind you of the impact you can have on a patient’s life and on the health care system.  This week as been reinvigorating and a great reminder of why I went into medicine and how meaningful our work can be.

– The heartbreaking stories of moms losing their children due to medical errors has been particularly affecting.  I am the mom of a toddler and am very hormonal and pregnant with my second child.  These stories remind me to cherish time with my family.  They also remind me to continue to speak to families as fellow parents and think about how I would feel if my child was sick.  Although being a resident and a mom has its challenges, I do think that being a mom has made me a better doctor.