Day 2!

I was not sure day 2 could actually top day 1.  I was unable to post yesterday, but I feel day 1 deserves some attention.  I found the case of Lewis Blackman to be both eye opening and disturbing. I am a pediatrician and taking care of my patients is usually only half the battle. Patents are an integral part of the care we provide.  I absolutely love what I do and as I am finishing the last month of my residency, I feel that while I’ve learned so much about how to be a doctor, I’ve learned almost more about how to communicate with families. Helen had a concern and it never got to the right person. That is a failure of the system.  Whether parent’s concerns are real or not, they are present and should never be ignored. Lewis’ case will forever stuck in my mind.  The next time a parent activated rapid response occurs, I will try my best to think: I wonder if this is a parent who needs his/her voice heard.


day 2(today) was also an eye opening experience, perhaps more than yesterday.  Informed consent was the topic that resonated with me the most.  In pediatrics, there are few procedures, especially on the outpatient setting that requires an official conset, however, I view every medical decision or plan I make a shared decision. We often minimize the day to day management decisions but I feel parents/caregivers have a right to those decisions and this makes patient care run much more smoothly