Commuting and discomfort

After attending a conference in Snowbird, UT I knew there was going to be discomfort to push through upon arrival at Telluride due to the atitude. However, this trip had the added insult of that flight between Denver and Montrose! Talk about a one, two punch. I wanted to die last night. The shortness of breath is one thing but the intense headache is yet another. Oh, of course the time difference too. You might think 2 hours is nothing but by the end of the day, it hurts. I can only imagine what my face was showing yesterday and most of today. Talking hurt and talking is what we are here to do. So, accept my apologies.

Commuting to work via Gondola pooling is awesome!! This by far is going to be one of my highlights. Every ride is different, with different occupants, good conversation, and of course the view! Even the moments of silence are incredible as you can hear the wind, birds, and water.

One of the attractions for me to apply to attend this conference was the intentional community. People had to intentionally invest in the process of application and the participants were intentionally chosen. We represtent a diverse group of people that have all arrived at this moment in time using very different routes. I am thankful for the energy each brings to our group and the growth it brings to my journey.

Looking forward to tomorrow!