Connecting in Telluride by Belle Brennan

Every medical student should read “Why Hospitals Should Fly”. More than once. The book not only provides practical solutions to the real problems we identify at the heart of Patient Safety, but also provides a constant reassurance and motivation of why we are making those changes. Today’s brainstorming session took us all by surprise. For the first time this week, we all connected on a completely different level; we were able to acknowledge the strengths of a particular project, but also raise the hurdles to implementation. In a few hours we had really transformed our minds to see that the changes we want to see in healthcare are possible.

The hike and dinner provided much more informal settings for us to discuss these issues. What I love about a group like this is that a conversation between one student and either Dave or Tim quickly becomes a small group all bouncing ideas of each other and making real critical analysis of situations.

I wish every medical student had the opportunity to absorb even just a little of the motivation and energy I’ve obtained from Telluride. But without a doubt, every medical school across the Country should have that fantastic book on its compulsory reading list.