by Luke Perkins A lot of this week’s conference has been discussing how big of an issue patient safety is in our medical system. We are far from perfect and have even accepted that perfection is not achievable. This is certainly a dismal state of affairs in many respects. We have a culture where patients are in danger far too often. Somehow, we are supposed to ignite a change. How does one do this? How do we make a new normal? We have no choice but to start at the grass roots. It can begin with educating our colleagues, in addition to our patients, regarding the very oath we take as medical professionals. “First, do no harm.” We must treat their diseases, while at the same time protecting them from ourselves. We, each as individuals, cannot accept the patient safety risks, without seeking alternatives. We must push our departments. We must push our hospitals. We must push them towards a better culture for patients.
Culture Change - The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety
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