I had many conversations with my fellow med students about what going home would look like for us. We saw the ideas the residents had for their QI projects and what improvements they would like to make at their institutions, but our conversations looked different than the resident’s. Although fascinated with what we had learned, we just weren’t sure where to go from here. Something Dave said in our final reflection really helped solidify the whole week for me. He said something along the lines of “Medstar didn’t do this overnight. You aren’t expected to either. Do what you can today.”

It can feel overwhelming when you are bombarded with so much information all at once. You see success, and you want to share it, but it can be near impossible to implement all the programs etc all at once. Culture changes are not instantaneous and trying to do it all at once, could potentially be disastrous as people are trying to solidify visions, adjust team mentality etc. Culture change begins with one person, perhaps dancing wildly with their shirt off.