Day 1 at Napa Valley

As I reflect on Day 1 in Napa Valley, I was amazed with how much I learned and how much my perspective changed. I realized that it takes a lot of courage and energy to be a leader. I thought about our purpose as a health care worker. Often we are focused on getting the work done (task oriented) as opposed to mindful purposeful engagement. I agree that often we want to hide our mistakes because of shame or fear but the reality is we need to learn from our mistakes if we want true growth to take place. I thought about working in Bronx, New York where it is a true melting pot of different cultures. We work with so many different people from different cultures and races. Have we done our best to take into consideration cultural issues and gender issues when it comes to communication. Can we take this into perspective when we talk to patients from different cultures.  I also believe in being open and honest and really learning from each other. I look forward to learning more today.