The day started with an introduction and objectives for the week. We were introduced to the story of Lewis Blackman. Although i had heard the story before, it is always great to hear different view points. It is hard to imagine how many things went wrong in such a short period of time. Even though 10 years has gone by, I’m not sure how much has changed. I can imagine a similar scenario taking place today. It is frustratring how difficult it is to change the cuture. I do believe exposing future physicians to these stories will create a paradigm shift. The question is, how long before we see the results? The afternoon held a great team building and communication exercise. This was a unique iteration of the exercises I have participated in in the past. The day wrapped up with people sharing personal stories. Today seemed as though it was meant to provoke thought. I hope the coming days help us learn how to implement or introduce the steps to create change.