Our day started with an introduction to the tragic story of a gifted boy Lewis.  Narrated by his mother it was an emotionally intense documentary of death due to a preventable medical error.  Interwoven in the narrative was the idea of reflection and mindful practice as means of improving our practice.  This gave rise to an interesting dialogue wherein we all inquired our individual emotions, trying to understand how this could have been a loved one.  The faculty engaged the audience in a healthy constructive discussion about how to change our practices once a medical error is identified.  While data backs the evidence that patients and their families are more understanding if a physician admits to an error, it needs to be done because it is the right thing to do.  The highlight of the day perhaps was the teeter totter game.  We were divided into 5 groups of 8 individuals with a leader we chose for ourselves.  We were supposed to work in a group which highlighted the importance of team effort, leadership, feedback and much more. Being a good human being takes precedence in whatever endeavor we pursue.  In its essence being aware of potential mistakes is part of being a good physician.  Looking forward to the day 2 of the Telluride meeting with much enthusiasm!!