Day 1- Gears are spinning

Day 1 has made my head spin in a good way. The gears of change are turning and I am already super excited to go back to my hospital and suggest changes. Day 1 we learned so much about communication, being able to accept that a mistake has been made and that it is ok to ask for help. There was so much more that was discussed, but those were the things that stuck out to me. The reason is, at my institute, I see it everyday and not just amongst my speciality. Hearing the stories and listening to everyone’s input and thoughts really put things into perspective, that when a problem does arise, we have to look at it from all angles. It really made me appreciate things more. The other comment we kept talking about was how change can be hard due to the already established culture. However my other colleague is here with me and it has inspired us to try to make changes regarding patient safety in our program rather than tackling a hospital.

Excited to see what Day 2 will inspire and what I can add to my already expanding list of ideas.

Sindu L
PGY-2 Pediatrics