Day 1: More than what I bargained for

When I first thought of the title for my post, “More than what I bargained for”, I was specifically reflecting on the activities and learnings of the course yesterday, but as I am cuddled up in a robe from the world class whirlpool I enjoyed in the Spa this morning after my run I couldn’t help but thinking this resort is so much more than I bargained for also. As well as the town–last night we enjoyed an outdoor showing of Jurassic Park under the stars. There will be a lot of unforgettable memories added to what we learn here. Reflecting on the conference portion of yesterday, I clearly came here expecting to learn about patient safety, which of course I am through the Telluride curriculum. However, thanks to the experience of all my fellow classmates I am also learning so much about how hospitals work, orders are made, terminology that is used, and the hierarchy that still (likely wrongly) exists. I feel like this conference is helping me to be a champion in safety through the specific lessons and games, but also be much more prepared for when I start clinical rotations my 3rd year of school. I am thankful for all the stories everyone has shared and their patience and ability to explain things to multiple levels.
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