The first day at Telluride was long but full of pleasant surprises, from the awesome lunch sandwiches to the passionate conversation among the participants. I was happy to meet all the other participants and the amazing staff- everyone here is both friendly and united over a common goal of improving healthcare. Interacting with and learning from the nursing students was a really great opportunity that I haven’t had much opportunity to do thus far in school.  It was helpful to hear about the communication and culture difference between nursing and physicians – it was something I had been aware of in the past but hadn’t been able to eloquently articulate. After the discussion today I thought of an idea of taking home to UVA the interdisciplinary, case based, discussion that we used in the surgery case today. I think discussions such as these would be a huge improvement to our curriculum. Overall, It has been both inspiring and daunting to hear the stories thus far and I’m excited to see where the rest of the discussion goes.