Inspiration, emotion, altitude, and a crushed egg

  1. Inspiration- The story of Lewis Blackman was so powerful. It was hard watching the vital signs get worse and worse, and the pain migrating and getting worse. I wanted to teleport there to say we needed an urgent abdominal CT. I wanted the nurse to call a rapid response, and for an ICU consult immediately when blood pressure was not measurable, things that I would hope to have done if this happened today in my hospital. The strength of his mother Helen Haskell, and her desire to make a difference for Lewis to help others, inspire me.
  2. Inspiration #2- Such great lectures. I am hoping the powerpoints will be sent to us. I want to study and meditate on what I learned, from reflection to premature closure to confirmation bias to automatic analysis of safety events to incident analysis and so much more.
  3. Emotion- Hearing about staff and fellow conferees who have lost loved ones to medical errors, from children to grandparents, and seeing their tears reinforced in my heart why patient safety is essential.
  4. Altitude- It’s amazing what a good nights sleep does. I feel great today, and am just as in awe by the beautiful scenery.
  5. The crushed egg- A fun exercise. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make the dismount! But I learned about where errors can happen in a new process.