In Gwen’s presentation this morning about experience as a learning platform, I was particularly struck by her use of the word “sensemaking”; it’s a word that has come back to me multiple times throughout today’s discussions and learning activities. Before today, I’ve sometimes paused to consider the challenge of how we make sense of or reconcile stories among the different individuals within healthcare encounters (including but not limited to doctors, nurses, patients, family, and patient advocates). I think understanding the viewpoints of others is part of what we’re getting at with some of our discussions today. However, there is another element I had not previously considered and it connects back to Gwen’s presentation – the importance of what language or words we use when sense-making. I wonder what happens if we first reflectively write our story, and then analyze the words and language we’ve chosen in trying to understand our experience. The way we talk about and to ourselves is hugely important, and I believe creates a foundation for how we communicate with others. One thing I hope to carry forward from today is engaging in a reflective writing practice and also paying close attention to my language when doing so.