I did not expect how beautiful of an experience it would be. Learning through listening and engaging is a strategy that I have always honed into my teaching strategy as a preceptor in the nursing world. One thing that struck me the most was definitely the movie. A lot of emotions came mostly sad, and thoughts came into play of what could have done better. I was moved how Helen; the mom made that painful experience into something beautiful by having a legacy named after Lewis that is now saving lives. I have always been a believer of calling Rapid Response and I am truly bringing this experience back in my hospital that ASKING FOR HELP is Okay. I will also keep practicing and teaching the Reflective Mindset. It is very easy to just keep going with the task on hand, but it is important to just PAUSE for a few seconds and think.. Take time to LISTEN.. not to forget to BREATHE.. ENGAGE.. and maybe RECONSIDER a different approach or strategy to the situation.

Did I mention this is only Day 1? I am excited to learn more in the upcoming days and absorb everything that I can to put everything I have learned into practice.