It was an amazing first day meeting everyone and getting to interact while learning!

After today, it hit me how many people want to make a change in healthcare, but at the same time, we may not always know where to start. Like our discussion after the first video, how to we change the culture to help with the residents and their workload? when should a nurse push more to advocate for their patient or when are they safe to say they agree with the family or patient?

I sit here after today and think, the problem is culture and needing to make adjustments, why is to make healthcare safer for patients, and after this week, I hope to have more tools to invest in helping make strides towards changing and improving for patient safety.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with multiple disciplines. I feel like it really drove the conversations and the different perspectives have helped me see and think about the topics in a different way.

I hope to learn more throughout the week from everyone and learn more about myself in the process as well.


Sarah Romecki