As I sat and listened throughout the day it seemed like all of my classmates shared their thoughts and experiences. It was interesting to hear so many perspectives and I realized that throughout all of my medical education thus far, I’ve not heard nearly this much from my nursing colleagues. In the first few years we occasionally sit next to other students from other health professions. It seems like a balance between a good attempt and some sort of accreditation requirement, but at that point none of us have any experiences to share. I really enjoyed hearing the thoughts and perspectives of my nursing colleagues.
An attending I was working with recently described different perspectives of the same thing as people in a dozen rowboats encircled around the statue of liberty. Each with a camera and taking a photo. The perspective that each one has is unique, how they use the camera is unique, and only when all of them are combined can someone see the entire statue. Being able to get that entire picture starts with just knowing one each other and being able to communicate with each other.