Day 1-Where would Lewis Blackman be today?

Surrounded by such an incredible group of talented physicians and infectious personalities as well as picturesque mountains (I mean Coors knew what they were doing), I found myself somber reflecting on what could have been. We heard a heartbreaking story of Lewis Blackman through the scope of his mother who had the courage and strength to be there with us for it and has for so many others in the spirit of learning. He lost his life in the one place he couldn’t get help, the hospital. That was so striking to me and overwhelmingly depressing. But this week is about taking those emotions and using them as fuel to better our facilities and better yet our mindset in order to create better outcomes and avoid if not just one death of a 15 year old boy with his life ahead of him. Lewis would have been around most of our age and he very well may have been seated next us as a physician. I am excited to work with you all and create ideas this week that may one day prevent a preventable error and save a life of a Lewis.