The past two days have been amazing.  I have learned so much.  In some ways I am heartbroken because I have missed so much at home, including my oldest sons first day of third grade-which at this moment I do not think he will let me live down.  However, I am here because I understand the value of investment.  I am here to learn how to make health care a safer place.  I am here to figure out how to right the wrong that took place over ten years ago when my father was still alive.  You see, I live with the guilt that I didn’t do more and in a way I feel like I didn’t matter enough.  This is something that I have struggled with for a long time, but have never found the right outlet to express my feelings.

Over the past 3 days I have been given the opportunity to hear some amazing stories that have inspired me to go back home to North Carolina and be a change agent.  Despite being heartbroken by the stories about medical error, the individual storytellers have inspired me to go back and act like a bumble-bee and to pollinate my hospital with the information that I have learned.  I know that I am a strong clinician and how the power to make a difference.  I look forward to taking these stories back and using them to catapult change in my organization.