Day 2-Michael Skolnik

Today’s morning video of Michael Skolnik’s experience in the hospital with his neurosurgeon was so difficult to watch and hear about. As a physician who consents patients for procedures every day, I found the consent process and discussion with Michael’s parents appalling. How could you not discuss risks of a procedure? Or what about the fact that there wasn’t a blockage of CSF and no increased intracranial pressure? There were so many important discussions that came out of watching this film today, but one of the points that I am going to take back with me was brought up by Rosemary Gibson. We were discussing informed consent and she recommended asking a patient “what is important to you right now?” This resonated with me so much because I feel that when patient’s are given options, they can become overwhelmed with all the information and their emotions. But by simplifying a decision to one question, there can be so much clarity.