Day 2 of Telluride: The Plot Thickens

Our day started with a video about an event in an OR wherein a complex dynamic at play led to an unintended event culminating in hypoxic brain injury and subsequently death.  Since the victim’s spouse was in aviation – another high risk industry who was in a position to provide inputs about the errors made: leadership, situational awareness, support, communication.  Emotional story of a healthy young woman whose had donated her organs for the good of others.   A simple puzzle game drew me towards reflecting on not only the dynamics of team work but also the hierarchy.  While our team had good cooperation there were still voices of frustration from observers who could look at the errors being made but could not voice their opinions.  A highly information packed and an entertaining lecture by John Nance highlighted the similarities between aviation and medicine, highlighting the complexities of the systems and how a recently remarkable run of accident safety can be a game-changer for how medicine is practiced.  The last task for the day was an activity where we were supposed to follow a simple task ie folding a paper and tearing a quarter of it, the instructions were in a rapid succession.  What it highlighted was that a rapid sequence of unexpected events can confuse the best of us no matter how mundane.  Looking forward to the hike tomorrow morning!