Day 2 was full of information on patient engagement as well as family engagement. The case with the OR fire was interesting to consider, as it places greater importance on the cause of the fire as well as future fire prevention. In many ways, it seems like medicine struggles with open and honest communication, which can hinder the trust of patient populations and their families with healthcare organizations and providers. I think that the concept of CANDOR is a great approach to patient safety, as it places importance on honest communication that results in optimal resolution. Furthermore, I found the games from the past two days to be helpful in gauging leadership skills. The teeter totter game was fun and engaging in strategy and communication skills. I also enjoyed the puzzle game as well, because it stressed the importance of autonomous leadership. Finally, I was very moved by importance of empathic responses vs sympathetic responses, and the role those responses can have on patient and family engagement. It can change one’s view in another person’s eyes, and has a great impact on future outcomes.