Day 2 was a roller coaster of emotions. We heard from our faculty who bravely shared with us their heartbreaking experiences. It was very difficult to hear, but incredibly moving knowing we as a healthcare system have to do better. We are not alone as we can work together towards a movement at each of our places of work/school. Seeing the flight map of all the estimated 93,000 commercial airlines painted the picture and brought home the fact that not even one of those flights on an average day will crash. There will be mistakes made or unanticipated events, but they are ready and will implement the needed actions, such as the Miracle on the Hudson, to get everyone safely back to the ground. I look forward to reading more about CANDOR and taking back many of the tools discussed including ARCC, Go Team, 16 second breaths, and 5-4-3-2-1. Also, it struck me that we cannot multitask as this is always the common buzzword. We can sequentially task things so we go from one thing to another, but we truly cannot be doing more than one thing at a time. The day ended with a feeling of gratitude for the opportunity to learn and be surrounded by a group of people who have become lifelong friends as we individually go out to our local healthcare systems, but together work towards collective change to make healthcare safer for all involved.