Day 2 reflection – What scares me

We concluded the day with a discussion regarding what scares us the most. As I reflect on the last two days, I am continually struck by how great a responsibility it is to be a good clinician. It is such a great honor to be given the opportunity to practice medicine and to care for those who are sick and vulnerable. Patient’s and their families place such a high level of trust in us and the medical system. Something that I have observed through many of the stories shared over the last two days is that we must always remember that our patients are all someone’s loved one. During my intern year I have forged many positive relationships with my patient’s and their families. When I started residency almost one year ago, I was immediately impacted by how much trust and faith families place in the medical profession to help care for their loves ones. The responsibility to always do what is right and in the best interest of my patient’s fuels me to be the best clinician I can be. As a trainee, I am perpetually concerned about missing something that will lead to a patient harm that cannot be undone. I often go home and follow lab results and scans for fear of missing something that could negatively impact one of my patients.