Day 2 – The Teeter Totter Game

I have never played the Teeter Totter game, but I found it to be an amazing learning experience and group activity. My team did a wonderful job deciding on a well thought out plan from the beginning, watching the first group and adjusting the plan as needed, communicating throughout the process, taking our time during the exercise, and when needed physically embracing each other to ensure the weight was kept mostly in the center. Our leader did an amazing job staying calm and reminding us to be patient. He also answered all of our questions and did an overall great job being our calm center that we could balance on and rely on. There are so many things I learned and so many situations where I can apply them in the healthcare setting.

I would love to see this activity held among interdisciplinary staff of all units at my hospital. I believe the team members would learn so much about the value of leadership, communication, clear plans, trust, and so much more. I also thing team members would become more comfortable and trusting of one another after this experience. This would be a silly, but very interesting research/quality improvement study on the impact this game can have on team dynamics, respect levels, and collaboration.