Today was very informative. I feel like I was a sponge soaking up the information and processing how I can change my world when I get back home. I  have an idea that could help increase awareness of patient safety and quality in a segment I would  call “Spotlight on Safety”. I am thinking I can start with a monthly inservice where we discuss  a specific hospital safety issue.  In this meeting we would really dig into the issues, brainstorm, and develop new policies or procedures for increasing safety. The goal would be to change our hospital by tackling one issue at a time. I really want the process of change to take place before we move on to the next safety project.  I also was thinking about a weekly email with a safety tip or quality tip that would be sent to the entire hospital. I am really excited to get back and share these ideas with the Quality and Safety Manager at my facility. Today I learned “The power of  a conversation”. One conversation could save a life. I have decided that I always want to be apart of that conversation.