Domino Art: A Tale of Failed Communication

As one of our lessons, we were asked to try to make some Domino Art with one instructor, one artist, and one observer. Three tries were allowed (with different masterpieces) but each time, the communication got better and better. It was amazing to see not only how important communication was, but also how important experience was. For example, in the beginning, we were reading out the colors of each tile and didn’t understand that the structures were essentially 2-D. We created some pretty interesting structures, but that wasn’t so much miscommunication as much as it was inexperience. It simulated what it would be like to be working with either a new coworker or at a new place for the first time. You don’t know where anything is and you don’t quite understand how things work. It was interesting that after the first encounter, we got closer and closer and it became much faster and more accurate picture that we desired. The experience really taught me how important it is to see eye to eye, and also how much experience does have a play in the way we interpret things! I hope to implement this game in the future.