Dominos reflection

The dominos activity is one in which there are three people in a group and two are working together to create a copy of a picture ( containing dominos) using dominos, however there are some stipulations  on you are allowed to communicate. The first time the physician can only talk. The second time there is a prep period. The third time, open communication between the nurse and physician is allowed. Throughout the third person keeps time and assures the rules are adhered to.

I found this activity to very stimulating to my education in patient safety. Being the first person to act as the physician giving orders to the nurse, I quickly learned how important effective communication between medical professionals is. I learned how my assumptions and the assumptions of the person I was giving my orders to can lead to poor outcomes. Without a way for the nurse to ask me questions, we quickly arrived at different conclusions of how the picture should appear. As our group continued with the activity and our positions changed, we were able to finally match our made domino layout to the picture we were trying to reproduce. At the end, we realized as a group the importance of planing, as well as validating and verifying in team communication.

These are just some of the lessons from my first day at Telluride experience. I can’t wait to learn more about patient safety tomorrow.