First day at Telluride Napa 2015

It’s hard to be more impressed after our first day at Telluride Napa 2015. The first set of sessions spanned the gamut from stirring personal patient stories, to workable and translatable sets of tools to take home to New York, to fantastic conversations with both faculty and medical student participants.

I have to say, my favorite (and most challenging) segment so far was the impromptu exchange between our lucky guest, the mother and inspirational patient advocate, and the CEO of The Doctors Company (a malpractice insurance provider). Their remarks touched on the candid, the taboo, and the important. The tension between “CYA medicine” or “defensive medicine” and doing absolutely right by the patient will be ever-present in our clinical practice (and that’s not to mention the central role of cost-effectiveness in the equation). So to see these boundaries being hashed out by two extremely invested experts was a privilege. I would hope that more sessions of Telluride incorporate elements of discussion and debate in the future, and look forward to the next few days regardless.

(Also, shout-out to the team at Pure Cru, which gave a group of us a delicious tasting experience of Napa Valley wines!!)