As I was driving home from Breckenridge yesterday, I was listening to Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal and a quote stood out to me. Gawande writes, “culture is the sum total of shared habits and expectations… Culture has tremendous inertia. That’s why it’s culture. It works because it lasts.” Taking this quote back to the experiences of this past week has allowed me to realize that with all of the likeminded individuals that attend the Telluride Experience, we are all working together to change the culture of healthcare. We are creating a cultural shift that puts patient safety and quality care in the forefront of all that we do and the care we provide. This past week has literally changed the course of my practice and will be carried with me throughout my career as an AGACNP. Patients and families need our commitment to excellence in health care with a focus on quality and safety and that is exactly what this week has provided – the commitment to strive for zero. I am honored to have become a Telluride alumnus and look forward to the positive impacts that our generation of health care professionals will provide.
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