CIR_Dinner_BestI have only just begun my journey here at Telluride, but one thing is clear: I am not alone. As the first day unfolded, I have been given the opportunity to meet an amazing cast of future leaders. All of whom have patient safety as a main priority. Some of us are on the front end of our patient safety journey while others are more accomplished. Some beginning residency while others are soon to graduate and take their Telluride experiences with them into their future careers. As the first and sole participant from my residency program, where our patient safety revolution is still in its infancy, it gives me great pride and pleasure to know that I am not alone. Each one of us here at Telluride Patient Safety Resident Summer Camp is not alone. When we leave Telluride  and head back to our home institutions, we will have a network of peers to call upon for advice and guidance on how to continue to make our patients and hospitals safer and free of unnecessary harm.


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Nick Clark, MD

Pediatric Resident, PL-3

2014-2015 Co-Chief Resident

Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics