I am so lucky to be in Telluride!

I am so happy to have read Nick’s post entitled I am not alone. This is probably still the most overwhelming sentiment that I feel.

Today really reinforced that although I am not alone, I am certainly not a good negotiator. I think that this is such an important skill in medicine, but particularly when we are fighting some uphill battles in our hospitals with patient safety issues. Particularly, with culture change and administrative leadership, I think it is so important to convince those in charge that your project/idea/need is worthwhile. But, in order to do so, you need some negotiating skills and need to figure out how you can advance their interests by advancing your own. This is definitely something that I will approach all future discussions with in the forefront of my mind.

Again, what an amazing cast of peers, leaders, and inspirational people! I am so lucky to be in Telluride.