IH AELPS Day #1 Reflection

Our discussions and training today have me feeling energized about patient safety. As I look forward to implementing what I have learned, I am left with a lingering question. In our readings and the film today there is language that highlights age and training level. In particular, I have noticed references to the “young doctor” in these stories of patient safety, often who has contributed to the failure of the medical system to protect a patient. My question is: how does one balance the task of creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork that fosters group communication and shared responsibility of patient safety with the need to operate within the framework of medical hierarchy based off of years of clinical experience? As a soon-to-be “young doctor” myself, how do I navigate finding (and then using) my voice and the space to keep patients safe while also simultaneously being told that my age and training are working against me? I look forward to gaining more insight in the sessions to come.