Hi! My name is Laura Gilroy and I am in fellowship for Maternal Fetal Medicine in Brooklyn, NY. I am so excited to join this year’s AELPS patient safety week. Patient safety and quality has been a strong interest of mine, starting in residency, which I completed in Stamford, CT. As a fellow I have had the chance to be involved in more hospital-wide safety initiatives as the co-chair of our Residents Quality Council. During this period of staffing and funding shortages, in the wake of the pandemic, patient safety and quality could not be more important. I strongly believe that all members of the healthcare team, all the way up to healthcare administrators, should be involved in the monitoring, analysis, and implementation of quality initiatives. I am really interested in learning more about how I can develop my skills and involvement in quality and safety as I transition from fellow to full-time attending in the next year. I am also keen to learn new ways that I can engage with residents and other members of our healthcare team to promote a culture of safety and encourage people to speak up when they are concerned about safety or quality issues.