It’s All About Conversation #TPSER8

The theme for Day Two in Telluride brought home the value of conversation and communication. Shared decision-making and the process of informed consent once again provided fuel for a robust conversation following Day Two’s viewing of the educational documentary film, From Tears to Transparency–The Story of Michael Skolnik. One student’s comment, “We can’t expect the patient’s family to know they need to be informed,” was a good reminder that keeping patients and families at the center of the solutions being generated in Telluride is again why we are all here.

A second student commented that after the group’s conversation, she now feels “unqualified to get an informed consent,” sharing that she always refers to the risks and benefits of a procedure, but has never discussed alternatives to the procedure. Like the family, unaware of what they need to be informed about, how will medical students know what the informed consent process encompasses unless they are taught? Over the course of these three weeks in Telluride, the need for greater education around informed consent and shared decision-making has been made very clear. Thanks to all for your contributions to this conversation! Continue it here on the blog–

Also, with us this week in Telluride is SolidLine Media, a team of creative filmmakers from Chicago responsible for the production of last year’s Telluride Roundtable video and the award-winning films, The Stories of Lewis Blackman and Michael Skolnik. The films never fail to generate conversation around the tough situations that arise as a result of a medical error. Greg Vass, Executive Producer at SolidLine, has a team of 7 this year to capture additional footage for future projects.  As always, the team wholeheartedly embraces our mission of improving healthcare, and SolidLine intern, Ryne Knudson, wrote an insightful post, Reflections from the Interns, on their blog around his impressions of filming our group.

And finally, the small and large group discussions along with team-building exercises throughout the week are the heart of the learning model in Telluride. This photo captures a small group deep in discussion on leadership topics taught by Ann Gunderson on Day Two.