It’s Smarter to Travel in Groups

Today in Telluride we learned a lot about honest disclosure from Dr. David Mayer, negotiation from Paul Levy, and reliability/ safety culture from John Nance. At many times throughout the day I was wowed to be in the presence of individuals who I have looked up to and called upon during my study of the U.S. healthcare system.

However, most importantly today (as with many day #2’s in summer camp culture) was the day that our class of participants really began to gel as a group. Throughout the day, I engaged in meaningful, poignant conversations surrounding patient safety and our culture as a system with various classmates. This experience made me step back and reflect on how grateful I am to be surrounded by likeminded, passionate individuals that are as dedicated to patient safety as I am. Although I have many friends and colleagues in medical school that are supportive of my passion for safety, it is so much more invigorating to be in the company of people that want to shake up the industry and change our culture as much as I do.

During Nance’s presentation, he showed a video that highlighted how weak or harmless individuals can join together to become a formidable force. This message rings true for me as a student interested in patient safety. Even though at the end of our time in Telluride we will head back to our home institutions, I take solace in knowing that I do not travel this journey alone.