This has been a wonderful experience thus far. Over the last two days we’ve discussed leadership and the qualities that make a good leader. We discussed mentorship, experience, good listening skills, and good mediation skills as positive attributes. Qualities such as dominance/ego/overconfident, poor empathy/integrity, and poor communication describe a bad leader. Our residency program recently used the DISC personality test to assess our personality and how this affects our own leadership styles. The Disc personality test describes styles of dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientious. Our residency overall scored highest with steadiness. Steadiness in general describes a person who is motivated by cooperation, prioritizes giving support and fosters collaboration. Steady leaders are described as calm, patient, and stable. They may fear change, loss of stability and worry about offending others. One of our residents had previously attended a hospital leadership conference where most of the attendees rated highly in dominance. Dominant leaders are motivated by winning, competition and success, and enjoy achieving immediate results. Dominant leaders are direct, demanding, forceful, strong willed, driven and self confident. They may have a lack of concern for others, and be impatient.  I think in general, we want our leaders to have a mix of all of the different personality types. No one type is more important or effective than another. It’s more important to recognize your personality type and how it will ultimately affect your own leadership style and how navigate working with other styles.