Dr. Lucian Leape Talks With Student Scholars in Telluride #TPSER7

What are the transforming concepts that need to be developed by a health care organization in order to instill a safe culture?

According to Lucian Leape MD, Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at Harvard University, who came to Telluride to share his wealth of knowledge and experience related to patient safety, there are five core concepts that need to be explored and implemented in order to first create a culture of respect. Those concepts are: 1) Reform medical education; 2) Integrate health care; 3) Find joy and meaning in work; 4) Engage consumers/patients; and 5) Adopt a transparent culture.

Dr. Leape’s challenge to our group — How do we motivate CEOs of health care organizations to make a culture of respect the priority? How do we develop awareness of the problem so that there is pressure for action? What can you do “from the bottom up?”