Monday on the Mountain

Yesterday, I groggily boarded the shuttle to Mountain Village with four strangers. After quick introductions and some small talk about the area, we settled in for our scenic drive from Montrose. We dug deeper than small talk over lunch and quickly appreciated our similarities, as well as the diverse backgrounds that brought us together for the week. My experience in Telluride so far has revolved around my appreciation for MD/nursing collaboration at this conference. I have met med students, learned quirky facts about them, and have begun to understand and appreciate the journey they’re on as they become practitioners. This opportunity to spend potentially vulnerable time together is a great chance to realize that we’re all human. We all have hobbies, pets, favorite foods, and a unique reason that brings us here today. This interdisciplinary experience will absolutely affect my interactions with med students and residents when I return to work in NC and as I transition to the provider role.